Children, this is why we shouldn’t steal…

So my mom and I were at a hotel, and they were giving away these bags with the hotel name’s on it, a water bottle, and this cute foam penguin. My sister wanted one of the penguins, so when my Nana distracted the guy at the front desk, my mom stole one of the bags so my sister could have the penguin.

About 30 minutes later, my mom just looked in the bag.

Apparently, the one bag on the top of the pile holds the Expo markers for the hotel’s Events whiteboards.

Now the front desk is closed, and we have no idea what to do… Hopefully they won’t need the markers until 10 AM tomorrow!

So I showed bits and pieces of Hetalia to my sister and cousins, and here are their responses:

12-year old cousin: I don’t get it.

9-year old cousin: GO AMERICA!!!

8-year old cousin: Can you show me all of the countries?


Notice the difference in the parenting techniques...

*me, awake and listening to Alanis Morissette at a medium volume at midnight, when parent walks into bedroom*
Mom: Sam, it's midnight, go to bed.
Me: But...I'm not tired...
Mom: Well, I don't want to hear you complaining in the morning, so go to bed.
Me: Okay...
Dad: Sam, it's midnight, go to bed.
Me: But... I'm not tired...
Dad: Just wanted you to know how late it - Alanis?
Me: Yes...
Dad: Have I told you about Dogma?
*spends another half hour talking about Dogma*
Dad: Shoot, now it's 12:30... Well, good night, go to sleep eventually.
Me: Okay =)
*goes back onto tumblr for the next 4 hours*

True story right here. But with Gifs

Me at a family gathering

Sees my almost-2-years-old cousin who loves to give hugs walking towards me


Me: can I have a hug?
Cousin: okay!


Me: can I have a hug?
Cousin: NO!


Then she went and hugged my sister.


You know those moments when you finally realize something, and then you’re like “OH NO!” (a Sam’s-family story)

So, on Monday, I went on my laptop and opened up my history, trying to find an accidentally closed tab. I looked through the history and saw “”, “DollDivine”, “”, and various YouTube channels that I did not recognize. I have my computer password protected, so I decided to go ask my sister if she happened to either find out my password or used it if I accidentally left my laptop open. 

Here’s how the conversation went. It’s kind of long, but I recommend reading the whole thing, especially if you know either of us:

Me: Hey, Abbie. This will sound very stupid and random but-
Abbie: And that’s different than the other things you say?
Me: This is serious! Did you happen to use my laptop over the weekend, and go on Google Chrome?
Abbie: No… why?
Me: I was looking through my history and I saw a bunch of the Dress up games that you liked.
Abbie: That’s weird.
*opens up computer history, which is full of Facebook, Tumblr,, and my writing site*
Me: Wait, that’s my stuff… *looks around page* Wait, why am I logged in? I thought I logged out… So that’s what’s going on. I guess it kept both of our histories together since it still thought I was still me.
*I start the freak out when I realize that Abbie’s chrome homepage also had my top viewed sites on it*
Abbie: Well, I don’t know. What were the sites?
Me: Um, Facebook, YouTube, the school site, my writing si- OH MY GOD DID YOU GO ON MY WRITING SITE? I WAS WORKING ON IT ALL OF VACATION!
Abbie: *snickering* I don’t know, what was the link?
Me: Nice try. But seriously, it was a Weebly site with a book on the top…
Abbie: Nope, I never went on it. And “all vacation”? You need friends, Sam.
Me: *reminded of “friends”, aka tumblr, and becomes panicky again* DID YOU GO ON MY TUMBLR? YOU DID NOT GO ON MY TUMBLR.
Abbie: Sam, I would never hurt you that much…
Me: Okay, good. I think that was it. 
Abbie: Those are your bookmarks, too.
Me: Wait, are you the one who keeps adding that “Character Chart” that I kept deleting?
Abbie: You’re the one who is deleting it? I needed that! I had to re-find it every day!  
Me: I’M SORRY!!!!
Abbie: Next time, I’m so going on your Tumblr… 


I must make sure that this never happens again…

I Haven’t Posted In Forever…

Why? I’ve had no reason to. I’ve had absolutely nothing to say, no opinion or emotion towards anything, really. Nothing to rant about. Nothing to complain about. But somehow, right here and now, everything is exploding so I decided that I’m going to angrily slam my fingers onto the keyboard and see what kind of blog shows up. I really should be doing my English homework. But I’m not. Expect a VERY LONG post, Tumblrverse, because I have a LOT to complain about.

Speaking of English, I am sooooo mad right now. We’re choosing our classes for next year, and I am CONVINCED that my demon excuse for a teacher will put me in College Level instead of Honors. 

I know what you are thinking. Sam, why should you care if you get into College or Honors? I wish I’d get grades as good as yours, you shouldn’t worry!

Well, you know what, Tumblrverse? I AM worried because my mom won’t get off my back about grades. Last term, I got ALL A’S EXCEPT ENGLISH. I got a C+ in that, and my mom is like 


Well, not those exact words, especially the last part, but that’s what my brain is hearing. And I don’t like what my brain is hearing. 

I’m just sick and tired of people expecting everything out of me! I mean, I can’t get a B on something in school without my mom getting upset. You should have seen her when I got a C- on my biology midyear exam…

Speaking of people expecting stuff out of me, I am putting everything I have into theater and what am I getting out of it? People telling me that I need to relax. I’m just annoyed that some people think that they are freaking entitled to everything just because their parents will pay money. I earn things that other people just take for granted and throw away. And you know what? Not to sound spoiled, but I DESERVED to be double casted in Bye Bye Birdie. I am working my ASS OFF trying to memorize lines, I had to learn how to tap dance in less than 3 weeks (the total amount of rehearsal time that we had was 4 hours. How the hell do you expect someone to learn how to dance in 4 hours?)

"We still have a month before the show. We don’t have to listen to the director. Or you, Sam, even though the director made you her assistant and you spent your time memorizing where everyone is supposed to stand. We spend 3 whole hours a day on our own things, that’s totally a valid reason for us to not know anything.

Three hours? Oh, poor you, you spend three hours doing stuff you like. Well, did I mention that I am in 3 shows, one of them I am double-casted in and I have to learn two parts. I have voice lessons every week and I am one of the very few people who actually practices the songs out of rehearsal. I spend hours each week memorizing lines. I take two Honors level classes, and three college level classes. I have had to miss rehearsal to go to student council meetings, and then make up an excuse so I can get back. I have a job, on school nights, that I have to go to. Not to mention my grade-obsessive mother, writing for the school newspaper, being in the Peer Leadership club, and in many other clubs. Please tell me how all of that compares to your “three whole hours”.

And do NOT tell me that I should quit anything so that I can have more time. Doing all of this keeps me motivated, and although it can be hard sometimes, I MAKE IT WORK. Unlike you, who just sits at home all day eating bonbons and doesn’t work on ANYTHING for the show. 

The thing that I think is the worst is also some of my best qualities. People trust me. I have potential. I have the ability to make things work. But every complaint makes me realize that, hey, I’m not this perfect girl that everyone thinks I am and expects me to be. 

But I’ve been this perfect girl for so long, now I don’t know how to be anything else.

Hopefully, I’ll post much more often, and my next post will DEFINITELY be a recap of my last few weeks. I just needed to put that all out there… Ugh. Life sucks, don’t you think?


So Emily and Lana were sleeping over, and we didn’t wake up until, like, 11:30. Then, all of a sudden, I hear someone saying “It’s not symmetrical, it’s not symmetri- OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT????”

It turned out to be my cousin Taylor, who I forgot was coming over today. I turns out she was going to come over at noon, and has an intense fear of cardboard cut outs… awk.